Asian Insider Magazine is a Magical Entertainment Services Company.

(Magical Entertainment Services is a Certified Small Business with the State of California.)

Asian Insider Magazine (Asians in Entertainment) is a for profit organization dedicated to promoting and advancing Native Born USA Asians in America. Our vision is to promote the understanding and appreciation of art and the vital role it plays in asian entertainment: to inform, educate, entertain. Native Born USA Asians in Entertainment does this through events in the local community.

We are a professional organization. Professional attire optional. Please have your hands clean before the meetings and show courtesy to everyone at all times.  Please come out and help us out.

This website is for all English speakers and readers. Everything is planned to be done in English.

This is the so called “New CBS” for everyone.

We are open to everyone regardless of race, religion, etc. We are primarily looking for people that want to help out and volunteer. We are looking for kids, families, high school students, college students, entry-level people, veterans, etc. We need all of you to come out and help out. Thanks!

Asians, Asians in Entertainment, Asian Pacific Islanders, Asian Americans, Asian Professionals, etc. are all welcomed to join.

Definition of Asians:
Asian Fresh off the Boat (FOBS) = Asians with Asian Accent = Usually Immigrants
Asian Not Fresh off the Boat (Non-FOBS) = Asian with American Accent = Usually Native Borns
Asians with British Accent
Asian Hybrids = Mixed Race Person

This is a website for Asians and Fans of Asians.

This is Power Networking.

Founded in 2012, Asian Insider Magazine is a privately held company with headquarters in Monterey Park, CA.

We are scheduled to be located somewhere in Los Angeles, CA:

(Physical store is not open but the website is open for business)

I plan to use the location for Asian Meetups.

If you do not see an Asian topic listed here in the magazine, then please contact me at  magicalentertainmentservices@gmail.com and tell me what types of topics interest you.

This benefits the Asian communities in Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, Rosemead, El Monte, Chinatown, Little Toyko, Koreatown, Arcadia, etc.

Made in Chinese America - 1920 1080

This company is created by Magical Entertainment Services


blonde girl royalty free - aim

2 responses to “About

  1. I’m a Viet Nam veteran & pro photographer. I am interested in learning more about your organization.

    • I’m looking for a bunch of volunteers to help out. If you can help out in any way, then you can contact me directly at superstar.ed@gmail.com
      I can use a photographer/videographer for some of my projects. It’s trade for your time. Look at the pages here (Work for Items, Asian Jobs, etc.) to see what openings we have.

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